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What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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Visit the coastal city’s first Vietnamese

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Diameter of the capital Monday after gaining the throne, leaving the throne to son, Mac Dang Dung built on the homeland. It had become the first city of Hai Phong and the first coastal cities of Vietnam.

According to history books, to implement economic reforms, agricultural, industrial, trade expansion, commodity production, building the economy to the sea, outside the capital city of Thang Long, Mac Dang Dung also created the slam depression in his native Co Trai and diameter, the capital Monday a position near the sea, linking the river with several reclining City Charter, Thang Long, Hoi An bustle.

The size of the actual diameter

Duong Kinh was built in 1529. However, the real scale of how it is still controversial.

In books inform Great Vietnamese history, Le Quy Don Duong Kinh mentioned as follows: month (ie 6 / 1527), standing in the capital city, where dwells the power, up Nam International Communications, located in Hai Duong is the diameter, Stock up at the palace Trai …. Based on this can be found Duong Kinh wide including Hai Duong entire ancient origin (including Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Hai Phong and Thai Binh part today).

However, later, books will of Unified Dai Nam Quoc Nguyen Dynasty History, said the Mac set Nghi Duong Duong Kinh, taken some of the Thuan An town and the Kinh Bac Khoai Chau, Tan Hung, Kien Xuong Thai Binh Son Nam town on the diameter of … According to this policy, the district has since Nghi Duong Le so, in Quang Thuan No. 10 (1469) to map the country, Nghi Duong district belong to the Kinh Mon District, Hai Duong.

Memorial kings built on the Mac in Ocean Business
more than 500 years ago. (Artwork)

Meanwhile, the old history, Mac Dang Dung was born in Co Trai village, Nghi Duong district. But this village, the old (Century 15, 16) is located quite flat near the sea, near the river, very convenient trade waterway. In front of the village is derived from Da Do Van Uc estuary, downstream of Thang Long. Legend, in the village wharf restaurant of the mother country of Mac Dang Dung (king opens the Mac). She lives gentle, and not the only ham wealth, a good geography teacher was repaid by setting father’s grave at Go Rice Mac Dang Dung, the industrial land base … Mac Dang Dung, so the new engine later became emperors.

Thus, the hypothesis is ancient Duong Kinh Nghi Duong district, the Kinh Mon District, Hai Duong Made more convincing.

Monday the capital of the Mac

Like the previous reign, when setting up the base toward home business often also the place where home, family and ancestral tombs, the Mac as soon as it came to power towards the stock has Trai – diameter. Song, the diameter is not just home, home base, where the holy shrine to honor the fallen family, but also of paramount importance for the Mac dynasty, it emerged as a second capital two meaningful life and nature as an urban river, the first coast of Vietnam. Therefore, the scale and architecture of the special attention also.

Duong Kinh palace system, floor the massive scale such as the Yangtze Electric Wall Quang Phuc Huy, Quoc Hung, government, military station, food store, and a parallel study in China Quoc Tu Giam at Thang Long. Also, the Mac is to build a commercial port on the wharf, the boat, as a place to exchange goods, such as Lu Minh City Vietnam, An Do, Do Houses.

In addition to the main buildings, service and set tidal activity, the tomb in Co Trai also focused construction and repair. Mac Dang Dung was to repair the tomb father’s grave, religious father as paralysis Quang Chieu Face The emperor, the mother of Queen Dang Thi do. Dang Dung’s mother is buried on the loss of Swedish Lang, Mac Dang Dung himself when lost was buried in Long Son, called An Lang. To Le Quy Don, tomb Mac in Stock Trai Lang called the land which …

Unfortunately, in 1592, after defeating the Mac, Trinh Tung troops were destroyed, leveled the palace, a stone in diameter and the elimination of the vestiges the Mac around, hunt to kill children grandchildren the Mac. Vestige of the capital before a sea almost erased. Fortunately, the “reproduction” of this capital has been made to celebrate 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi. Therefore, 12/2010, Duong Kinh portion of reconstruction with items including the electrical, gates, octagonal floor, stone bridge, a lotus pond … and a new name: the King Memorial home Mac.
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