What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Killarney News
Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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 Seven deadly sins: A new look at society through an old lens

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PostSubject: Seven deadly sins: A new look at society through an old lens   Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:58 am

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Seven deadly sins: A new look at society through an old lens
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