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What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Killarney News
Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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PostSubject: Coferiel Tegansi : Candidate/Musician : Male   Coferiel Tegansi : Candidate/Musician : Male EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 1:53 am

Character Number:1st

Name: Coferiel [koh-FEHR-ee-uhl]Tegansi (nickname: Cofer [KOH-fer])
Age: seventeen
Gender: male

Orientation: heterosexual
Partner: none
Rank: candidate / musician

Personality: Coferiel is generally a quiet boy. Not necessarily shy, merely quiet. Just like he doesn't display his looks, he doesn't display himself or his personality. One could meet him and perhaps even talk to him for hours and leave thinking he was nothing more than a pleasant, if quiet, boy with infallible manners, never guessing that there is so much more beyond the surface. It's possible to know Cofer for a while and not really know him. Not because he's secretive, or seeks to hide, but merely because he doesn't automatically project his personality; instead he leaves it to everyone else to learn about him while he goes his own way.

Quiet by nature, but not shy, Cofer is still something of a loner. He's perfectly content to make friends, but he's also just as happy being on his own. It is Coferiel's philosophy that everyone needs their 'me-time' and he makes sure to get solitude when he wants it. And, truth be told, he would much rather be in his room tuning his guitar than at some party or public event. Though it might not appear so to others, he's never been the best socializer, and not even the most dense could exactly call hi a social butterfly. However if someone talks to him he'll never brush them off or worm out of it; instead he'll talk to them willingly, and that gives him, to those that don't know him, a good social pretense.

Even so, the most fun day Cofer could imagine would be spending the entire day surrounded by nothing but music, music that he creates. There's nothing in the world he loves more than music; he lives it, he breaths it, and for him creating it is as natural as breathing. It's mostly instruments he plays - guitar, flute, lyre - but he has a decent voice as well, and often accompanies his playing with song. He almost always has an instrument with him - just in case? - and he can't go a single hour without singing, playing, or at the very least humming something under his breath.

Though he is obviously turning out to be a very adept musician, Cofer is a modest one; though he accepts any praise with a smile and thanks, he never outwardly brags. He knows perfectly well he will never hope to be the best of his kind, and that isn't a feat he attempts. Rather he just wants to be the best he can be - and always have fun with it. To him music is much more than something made simply to entertain; he was taught that it has depth and meaning and can influence and change, and he firmly believes that. The same way he believes that anyone can change and influence if they want to - all it takes is determination and a bit of work.

Cofer is really a rather sensitive person, though on the outside it seems very little affects him negatively. That isn't true. In fact he is very sensitive, and his feelings can be hurt easily. The same with his temper; it is rare that anyone sees him angry, but that doesn't mean he doesn't take offense. He's as unpredictable in his moods as anyone; but he's found a way to represent it without harming anyone. By now you can probably guess: with his music, that's right. His music generally reflects his mood; whether sad, angry, agitated, somehow it's always possible to tell from his music. When he feels overwhelmed or is on the point of doing something he'd rather not do, he will try to escape to where he can play alone, and let out his feelings that way.

Coferiel is one to be often lost in thought. You could say he is something of a philosophical person, and isn't satisfied to leave any mystery unsolved - especially the mysteries of the world, and feelings. He may have made a good psychologist back on Earth if he'd been pointed that way. Sometimes his slightly off-kilter thinking patterns may throw people; Cofer is likely to simply change the subject in the middle of a conversation because something else interesting has caught his eye, or his mind. Sometimes to people who are still getting a feel for the young man, it seems he can change from practical, logical boy to confusing, somewhat out-there philosophy-spouting boy. But it's the way he is.

Coferiel was raised right, by parents who still believed in old-fashioned chivalry, and it shows; his manners are always impeccable, his tact without flaw. No matter how old, young, independent or aloof the female, you can be sure he'll be opening doors and getting things for her. If he ever finds someone he'd probably be the perfect boyfriend or partner - respectful, chivalrous, and thoughtful. He'd never forget a birthday or anniversary, nor will he throw out the idea of superiority; the only problem immediately forseeable is that it might sometimes be dubious whether he cares more for the girl or his music!

Appearance: Coferiel is a boy that gives off a quiet handsomeness. It's clear that his handsomeness is not something he projects, merely something he has. He stands at 5'11, tall but never the tallest. His slightly willowy form is fit but not muscular; instead of a muscular look, he gives off the impression of subtle strength.

He sports hair that is various shades of blonde; most of the year it shines a golden blonde hue, though in the summer the sun bleaches it nearly white-blonde. His shock of blonde hair is mostly straight, straight enough to be easy to care for but enough curl to give it a nice wave. His bangs are always brushing down enough to get in the way of his eyes; though he is always telling himself he'll cut it, somehow it never gets done. When cut, his hair goes down no further than the top of his neck, but when uncut (as is usually the case) it can get down as fas as his shoulders; always, of course, neatly groomed even so.

Out from those blonde locks peer soulful blue eyes that survey the world with an intelligent gaze, or shine out with surprising intensity, the latter especially when he is playing or singing. Just as often though those eyes are focused on something far away, translucent and slightly out of focus. Who knows what thoughts hide behind those eyes? They are truly the windows to Cofer's soul, those eyes. They are framed by eyebrows that are actually several shades darker than his hair. A soft nose and slightly uneven lips complete his face, oval-shaped with subtle cheek- and jawbones.

If Cofer's appearance is immaculately groomed, so are his clothes. Whatever he wears, it is always crisp and clean, even if it gives the illusion of casualty. Coferiel has soemthing of a knack for color, and so you can be sure that nothing he wears will ever clash. He is particularly fond of wearing russet reds, earthy browns, deep forest greens, and sky blues - the latter being an unconscious foreshadowing of the blue people of his profession would wear eventually, someday to become known as 'Harper-blue'.

History: Coferiel may not be the first Pern-born child, but he can say he is one of them. His mother became pregnant hardly a year after Landing, and so it was that Coferiel came to be in 2AL. Though his parents and those around him were still getting used to living in such a new place, it was all Cofer had ever known; Pern was his home and always would be.

His mother was a great musician and singer, and his father was a more hardy, practical metalworker. As Archibal Tegansi spent so much time out of the house, Coferiel grew up in the arms of his mother, Corala. He grew up listening to her music, and had no choice but to love it - which he did. From the tender age of three years old she trained him in music, and he was a willing, even avid, pupil. Corala was a great musician, a very great musician, and her son seemed to have inherited not only her skill, but her love for music. In fact, he was so like his mother that it was hard to believe he was related to Archibal Tegansi at all; he had her looks, her physique, her talent; it was only in his quiet strength that the lineage showed.

While his mother taught him music, his father, when able to, taught Cofer all else he thought a young boy needed to know - he taught him the simple, necessary skills for survival, and over time Coferiel learned good use of a dagger, both in defense and, if necessary, to bring down prey. Mostly "Archy", as he was often known, instructed his son in manners. He was a quiet, hard-working, and old-fashioned man who believed that men were meant to be the protectors and servants of women, not rulers. He managed to pass on such a mindset to his son.

For six years, all was well. Coferiel's world was one of lessons, work, music, and fun - though some of those had very fuzzy edges, and melded together in Cofer's mind. But in 8AL, terrible silvery spores dubbed Thread fell onto the unsuspecting colonists on Pern - and nobody was unaffected. People died, very many people, and one of those people was Archibal. Corala and Coferiel both mourned their father and partner, as everyone around them also mourned loved ones. Coferiel threw himself into his musical studies with a surprising vigor; it was obviously the young boy's way of coping with his grief. Whatever he did, it had to do with music; he hate it, he slept it, he breathed it. It was his distraction, perhaps, but also his way of venting his grief.

When the Southern Continent was planned for evacuation, Corala refused to go. She did not see why they had to leave the lu7sh, beautiful place, no amtter what spores might have hit a few years ago. Most of her obstinance was brought on by a desperate desire not to leave the place her husband died; not to abandon him in death any more than she had in life. Coferiel, at 8, was too young to really understand it, but he didn't want to leave his home. So they stayed, rather than traveling with many others to the under-construction Fort.

It was around this time that the first clutch of the experimental 'dragons' hatched; Coferiel was fascinated with the things, though to him the coincidence of names and appearance that older colonists found so endearing was absent; of course he had nothing to compare them to, born and bred in Pern. But they fascinated him still. His mother, for some reason, had reservations about them, but she would not explain them to Cofer; instead she would shakle her head and direct him towards his instruments for another lesson.

By the time Cofer was ten, he was good with the guitar and lyre, both stringed instruments, the latter of which was unusual, but one that Corala taught him to use as she had a special fondness for the harp, the lyre's close cousin; he also had a good voice. By the time he was twelve he had also learned the flute, and in the following years continued to excel swiftly in all three instruments. He started writing his own short pieces by fourteen. And then, also at fourteen, came the frightening time every male singer must go few - his voice changed. He endured months of cracking and a strict no-singing policy, but it was with relief that his voice finally settled on a pleasant baritone.

Through all this time, he payed attention to the goings-on in Killarney, with the dragons and new experimental whers. They still fascinated him, but still appeared to make Corala uneasy, so he rarely brought them up. But at sixteen he was asked to become a candidate for the creatures, and the offer was certainly one he did not wish to turn down. His mother, however, confessed her wish for him to stay away from those creatures, and he finally learned her reasoning; they were not natural, man-made and experimentals, and she wanted nothing to do with something like that, nor did she want her son involved. However she would not turn Coferiel down if that was what he truly wanted, and so, despite the guilt that he was hurting his mother, he consented to go with the Killarney rider and stand as a candidate; he wanted to have the experience, and no matter what Corala said he did not believe the dragons or the whers were bad.


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Coferiel Tegansi : Candidate/Musician : Male
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