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What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Killarney News
Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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PostSubject: Keileph Andress : Runner-Candidate : Male   Keileph Andress : Runner-Candidate : Male EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 2:36 am

Character Number: 1

Name: Keileph Andress [KAY-leff AN-dress]
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual
Partner: None
Rank: Candidate, Runner

Personality: A lot of people don't quite get Keileph. He almost always appears to be lost in thought and yet rarely misses a thing. He acts like a complete idiot most of the time but is constantly evaluating everyone and everything around him. He often comes across as being aloof, despite the apparent randomness of his actions, and is frequently taken as impassive; despite the speed at which he thinks and processes information, he often has trouble translating it to truly spontaneous reaction. To put it simply, he overthinks everything until unplanned action is nigh impossible.

His strange behaviour is a direct result of his attempts to fit in. Keileph feels that people won't like him if he acts like himself - after all, who would like a calculating, intense, stubborn person? He isn't much of an actor, however, so he is more likely to confuse than to trick. Still, he is quite intelligent and incredibly loyal, just... lonely. He tries too hard at most things, including fitting in, and misses the big picture about life: he doesn't live his own.

To anyone that Keileph doesn't push away in his attempts to draw them closer, he is a steafast friend and constant ally. One might need to tell him to loosen up from time to time, but overall he is a good guy. He can be surprisingly obedient if he respects the one giving the orders, and though he has a lot of compacted presence despite not talking a huge amount, he works very hard to tone it down. Most people don't really give him the chance to shine, and just judge him by what they see.

Appearance: Keileph looks like what he is: a Runner. Running messages day in and day out has stripped any excess flesh off of his tall frame and strengthened his legs to a rather surprising degree. He doesn't have a particularly heavy frame, which is fortunate for his line of work. Overall he is quite lean and bony; he isn't the most comfortable person to hug. Those who might attempt such a maneouver are warned off by the clean lines where his bones lie just beneath the skin. At least his legs are muscular enough to hide most of the bones, though.

Keileph keeps his medium brown hair trimmed fairly short. He has some bangs, though they really do not cover his forehead enough to matter, and on no part of his head grows hair more than an inch in length. It naturally parts just to the left of center, causing his bangs to fall slightly unevenly. His eyebrows are the same colour, and scraggly nearly to the point of bushiness. His narrow eyes are noticeably lighter, however, and set a little bit closer together than in most faces. Speaking of faces, Keileph's is oval in shape and marked by a narrow nose and a square chin bearing a faint cleft.

Now, when it comes to clothing, Keileph is very, very practical. He has one good, formal set of clothes for important events. He has a plain white robe good for Standing at Hatchings, as is required for his position as a Candidate. Then he has his Running outfits. There is a bit of variety here, as there are some for every season, and their colours range wildly. Most are in bold, bright colours for high visibility, though his main winter set is white with black and green bands, and all are clearly marked with 'Runner'. For his time off-duty, there are a number of duller, more muted colours for his shorts, shirts, pants, and jackets, though the last are worn but rarely. Browns and blue-grays are predominant among his casual clothing.

History: Keileph can proudly say that he is Pernese. One of the first children born on the new world, he doesn't really know anyone older than himself who wasn't born on another planet. Of course, neither he nor his peers remember anything of the early days beyond the odd image or impression, but hey, it's a matter of bragging rights. A few still look down on his parents for beginning their family at a mere eighteen years, only two of which were spent together, but the low population is more than enough to keep them from voicing such opinions.

As with most other new Pernese citizens, Keileph's childhood was a happy one. He may have found himself chasing after his would-be friends more than playing with them, but he was still content. He was ten when his parents found a new love, though. Keith and Phiri both Impressed at the first hatching of dragons, and they were quickly so busy with with brown Nath and green Tasseth respectively that they had to send Keileph to a family friend. Keileph and his new guardian moved together to the Killarney stake; they would not give up the South so easily.

It was there that Keileph discovered a love of his own: running. To just be out, running flat out or for distance, was a chance to stop calculating and evaluating everything. He could just exist and revel in the strain of muscles and the trickle of sweat. Since he proved to be quite quick and to have considerable endurance, he soon found a posting running messages. Now he could do something he loved to do and help his society at the same time.

Keileph ran messages all around Killarney for years. Having grown up with Thread, it didn't bother him nearly as much as it did his seniors. Of course, Thread had only been falling for six years, less than half of his life, but he didn't remember much of anything from before the beginning of the Pass.

He was sixteen when Tasseth and another green decided he was Candidate material during a passing visit. Though the clutch then on the Killarney Grounds was quite large, he did not Impress. His mother reassured him and convinced him to continue Standing, and he did so even after she returned to Fort. He has been Standing for roughly three years now, but as yet has had no luck.

Images: Keileph Andress : Runner-Candidate : Male Josh_Hartnett_080

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Keileph Andress : Runner-Candidate : Male
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