What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Killarney News
Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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 Killarney VS Fort

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PostSubject: Killarney VS Fort   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:47 pm

There are currently two groups of dragonriders. Most are currently situated in the Northern Continent and are protecting those helping to build Fort. Once completed, Fort will be the primary base, if not residence, for the general human population. Still in the South are the Killarney riders. Granted use of the abandoned stake, these riders have chosen to remain behind until everyone has gone north. Should some elect to remian permanently, theoretically the Killarney riders will do so as well. That bridge, however, will be dealt with once closer.

There is frequent communication between the two groups, as Killarney has only two queens and a handful of bronze dragons at the moment. Many more of the greens and blues chose to stay south, however, due to the increasingly cramped quarters in the north. At Killarney, dragons and riders build or claim a clearing and modify to their needs. The thick jungle growth provides plenty of privacy, but paths must also be trimmed daily to prevent overgrowth. There are scientists looking for a bug repellant, but as yet they have been unsuccessful for the most part. Larger pests, such as tunnelsnakes, are not a problem, but trundlebugs and the like have ben known to wander into a personal weyr, as the spaces are becoming known.

Now, out-of-character, our focus is on Killarney because that is where the confrontation between dragons and whers will take place. Burrows are a much more serious problem in the jungle, and with the thick canopies, the heat-sensitive whers can work much longer hours; the UV radiation that is the most damaging to their eyes is mostly blocked.

In the above picture:

  • Blue = Water
  • Light Green = near sea level
  • Medium Green = slightly above sea level
  • Dark Green = slightly farther above sea level
  • Yellow = higher than dark green
  • Tan = higher than yellow
  • Light Brown = higher than tan
  • Brown = higher than light brown [highest marked]
  • White/Gray = snow/glacier
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Killarney VS Fort
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