What if Wind Blossom's enhanced dragon project, rather than create the deformed watch-whers, was successful?
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Killarney News
Year - Pass
19 AL - First

Season - Month
Early Spring - September

Frequent rain and quite humid.  The air is thick and thundershowers occur once a week or so.  It is still fairly cool for the southern continent, and nights border on chilly, but the sun and water are warm and the air is catching up.  Whenever the clouds clear, even temporarily, the temperature leaps upward.

Hatching News
Dragon: Gold Havreth x Bronze Morduth : TBD
Wher: Fifth Batch [15 Eggs] : TBD
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 Rien Whitenight : Tinker-Candidate : Female

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PostSubject: Rien Whitenight : Tinker-Candidate : Female   Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:35 pm

Character Number: 2

Name: Rien Whitenight
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual
Partner: None
Rank: Candidate, Tinker (wandering trader)

Personality: conscientious, playful, amiable, energetic, musical, talkative, improviser, shrewd trader

Appearance: Quick to grin and laugh, Rien always seems to be moving. She frequently gesticulates while speaking and has little patience for waiting with nothing to do; it's too boring. Such near-constant movement also means her stubborn mass of wavy, dark brown hair is bobbing about more often than not, which allows the light to pick out the many reddish highlights. Her hair falls, when still, to just past her shoulders and are considerably darker than her eyes, which are a plain, fairly light brown and set into a face that is tanned most of the time. Her eyes are admittedly a little far apart, though it isn't very noticeable, and her nose looks a little squished, but her full lips and sharply angled cheekbones are generally considered to make up for it.

Overall, Rien stands at five foot seven inches and weighs around one hundred and thirty pounds. She is skinny rather than slender, though she has more than enough muscles for one in her line of work. Still, she has little extra flesh and her bones cast a number of shadows. She has few major scars, though a long white line marks her right shin; it is a reminder of the viciousness of broody gold dragonets. She is well proportioned, other than the set of her eyes and the the width of her shoulders. Of course, neither are particularly obvious, and unless she holds her arms straight down, her shoulders are all but unnoticeable.

Though her family has ever only had little access to the riches of the Pernese society (admittedly by their own choice), Rien has always been more comfortable in partaking in the free supplies. For that reason, she is seen in relatively unworn clothing far more often than the more stubborn members of her family. She prefers light tans and greens, though she isn't so picky about the colour as long as it fits. She has little warm clothing, though; even light cloth is often stifling in the thick Southern air.


Pern-born, tinker family, always wandering, as yet has never seen Thread, first in family to be considered for Impression



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PostSubject: Re: Rien Whitenight : Tinker-Candidate : Female   Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:46 pm

Number of Pets:

Name: Mada
Species: Dragonet
Color: Green
Age: 2
Parents: Wild Nest

Personality: curious, senseless, friendly

Appearance: larger, light green, no markings/deformities
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Rien Whitenight : Tinker-Candidate : Female
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